In a time of globalisation and fast development, companies need to focus on their business processes. In the development of an integrated, networked economy, organisations have to align their processes with their clients and suppliers. This network demands communication between different ICT applications. These systems need to connect seamlessly, so a flexible integration can be realised.

Mundus Nexus means the 'connected' world and we help clients integrate their systems. To streamline the integration processes Mundus Nexus has merged with XSed BV. XSed BV is partner of Talend Open Data Solutions and provide services for data integration, data quality and master data management. The combination of sound business and technical knowledge with a healthy dose of intellect offers a guarantee for a solid integration of your business processes within your ICT solutions.

We strive for solutions that keep your own identity. Using our knowledge of the market, but even more by using insight in the business processes of organisations, we can keep your own identity in the market. Every company has its distinguished character compared with its competitors. We think that the integration of information systems should support your business processes and strengthen your identity in the market. We believe that it is you and the market that should define the way of doing business and not the information systems.

Mundus Nexus has merged with XSed BV. XSed BV specialises in data management solutions using the Talend Integration platform.
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